Quinta Guácimo Pocora: Countryside and Mountain Home Construction Site For Sale in Pocora

Pocora, Duacarí, Guácimo, Limón, Costa Rica

Basic Listing Information

Listing ID:
Property Type:
Home Construction Site
Listing Type:
Land Listing
Location Type:
Countryside, Mountain
View Type:
Mountain View
Total Lot Size:
2,857.00 m² (30,752.37 sq ft)

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This home construction site is located in Pocora, Limón, Costa Rica, in Guácimo county. This countryside and mountain property with mountain view is situated in the cloud forest of Costa Rica. The land area of this home construction site is a total of 2,857.00 square meter (30,752.37 square feet).

See what the agent says about this listing (original title and description):

Total Lot Size: 2,857.00 m² (30,752.37 sq ft)
Location: Pocora, Duacarí, Guácimo, Limón, Costa Rica
Country: Costa Rica
State: Limón
County: Guácimo
District: Duacarí
City/Town: Pocora
Zip Code: 70603
Location Type: Countryside, Mountain
Geographic Type: Cloud Forest
View Type: Mountain View
Street Access Type: Unpaved Road
Type of Water: City Water
Sewer Available: No
Type of Internet: Cable Internet
Type of Television: Cable Television
Type of Electricity: Public
Telephone Available: Yes
Price per Square Meter: $10.33/m2 ($0.96/sqft)
List Price: $29,500
Ownership Type: Legal Corporation

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