Real Estate Tips

Here you find some important tips to help in the buying, selling, and/or renting of Costa Rica Real Estate. Also, we have provided a few tips to avoid potential Real Estate scams. If you are not already very familiar with the Costa Rican Real Estate market this section may be helpful.

  • Tips for Sellers

    Selling property in Costa Rica follows many of the same guidelines as anywhere else. You must use a little common sense and make your house the one a buyer chooses. Look at it this way: Only you and your Real Estate Agent care if your property sells. The buyer simply wants the best value, so make your property the best value. The following tips are some things that may help put you in the right direction to selling your place.

  • Tips for Buyers

    So, you have decided to buy Real Estate in Costa Rica? In addition to its beauty, its culture, the laws for foreign buyers are very favorable. In fact, foreigners have the same rights as locals. The only variation with that rule is, if you want to acquire concession land, where as you do need a local partner. Also, most people form a corporation to purchase property for a number of reasons. In the long run, you can simply transfer the shares of the company to a buyer, thereby saving you the property transfer fees. Also, if you rent your property, it may be beneficial from a tax perspective as well.

  • Avoid Real Estate Scams

    If you know some simple information and facts you will be able to make it through your Real Estate purchase without encountering additional problems or costs. Making a Real Estate investment is a big deal, and making one in a foreign country is even a bigger deal. This could be one of the biggest decision you make in your life.

  • Tips for Vacation Rentals

    Heading to Costa Rica for an experience of a lifetime, but don't know where to stay? Planning your trip can be very exciting but can also be quite frustrating. If you have never been to Costa Rica, you will be amazed at its beauty, but staying in the right place can be equally as important as the activities you plan. There are several different options to choose from, including hotels, villas, condos and houses. Picking the right place(s) can make or break your trip, so we at Costa Listings have put together some tips to help assure you find the right accommodations.

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