Tips for Sellers

Selling property in Costa Rica follows many of the same guidelines as anywhere else. You must use a little common sense and make your house the one a buyer chooses. Look at it this way: Only you and your Real Estate Agent care if your property sells. The buyer simply wants the best value, so make your property the best value. The following tips are some things that may help put you in the right direction to selling your place.

Price your property where it belongs.

If you have a realtor, listen to their advice. After all, you hired them for their expertise, let them use it. Many areas in Costa Rica may look the same, but they are not, and therefore do not bring in the same sale prices. Your house may very well be the nicest house on the block, but be sure to heed what people are paying for comparable houses. This data is what a buyer will use to determine an offer for your home. They may rule it out completely if you are overpriced. Where you price your home is most likely the number one item that determines if your house will sell.

First impressions do make a difference.

Make sure your house has good curb appeal. Make sure the lawn is mowed, the foliage is trimmed, and the exterior is in good condition. People will decided upon first view, whether they can live there or not.

De-clutter your house.

Once they past the exterior, make sure they have a good impression after they walk in the door. De-clutter your house. You are planning on moving, so why not pack up some of your stuff in advance? People must be able to imagine themselves and their own furniture in your house. So, as much of "your style" you can remove, do it.

Make sure the house smells clean.

Do not overpower the buyer with scent though, it will make them wonder if you are covering up. You will probably want to you’re your house clean while it’s for sale because you never know when someone will want to view it. So, if you keep it clean, it should smell clean in return. And, no smoking! Sometimes fresh paint on the walls and fresh carpet really helps eliminate and foul odors.

Flowers are a nice touch.

It may not be possible to run outside or to the store and grab flowers, but if you can, it’s a nice, fresh touch. If you have any flowers or greenery that you think looks good, put it in a vase. Don’t over do it, simple is better.

Give the entire interior a freshening up.

Paint the walls a neutral color. Replace any torn or stained carpet. Clean the entire place. This will not only make the place look better, your buyers will be much happier moving into a clean place. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference a good cleaning, a little paint and new carpet can make.

Finish up those "to-do" projects.

Make a list of all of the items "you’ve been meaning to do" and get them done. Paint the trim, re-grout any tile areas, fix any leaky faucets, toilets, replace burnt out bulbs, fix any broken window panes, etc..

Make your place look as large as possible.

Mirrors are a great item to add light, and give the illusion of more space. Play with your furniture, and see what looks the best (good flow, makes the room look larger, creates good view, etc.). Even if it doesn’t work for your tastes, you are not the one buying your home.

Hide your jewelry and prescriptions.

Unfortunately, some people use your trust to take advantage of you. It is not a common issue, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

There is an old saying that your house always looks the best right before you sell it, and it should!

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